Sep 132017

‘Colouring Pencils’ by Nadine Graham-Mulgrew

A joint venture between RSD and St Patrick’s Academy, this year’s Ranfurly House Art Exhibition is now open and runs until Wednesday 27th September. Admission is free.

For the seventh successive year, the Art and Design departments from both schools have worked together on this excellent project which celebrates the talent and achievement of pupils across GCSE and A Level.

Why not pay the exhibition a visit and be inspired by the outstanding artwork on show?

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Sep 062017

Gillian Davidson, a past pupil of RSD, achieved a first class Honours Degree in Dietetics at The University of Ulster.

Gillian was also very successful in winning one of two prizes awarded to ‘Best Dietetics Students’ on behalf of BDA Association of Dieticians, for best final dietetics examinations at UU.

We wish her every success and happiness in her future career.

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Sep 062017

Eve Turkington, a past pupil of RSD, was awarded the Head of School Prize for Best Overall Portfolio of Work for the Year 2016/17 at University of Ulster, Belfast. Eve has recently graduated with a first class Honours Degree in Architecture.

Eve also received the University of Ulster’s ‘Dean’s List Award’ for Outstanding Academic Achievement for two years running, she was nominated this year for an RSUA bronze medal award for undergraduate architect and has been chosen as an architecture graduate to be featured in the 2017 Autumn edition of Irish Arts Review magazine.

Eve studied A Level Art, DT, Biology and French to AS Level whilst at RSD. We wish her every success and happiness as she takes up her first postgraduate placement at White Ink Architects in Belfast.

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Aug 292017

Congratulations to former pupil, Georgina Mulligan, who completed her studies this year at Queen’s University, Belfast. Georgina was awarded the KPMG Prize for the Best Student in Taxation at the recent Prize-Giving Ceremony in Queen’s Management School. Georgina is pictured above receiving her award with Mr John Poole from KPMG.

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Aug 252017

Pupils at the Royal School Dungannon have achieved excellent GCSE results in this summer’s examinations. The overall results showed that 2/5 of all grades were at A* or A grades and 7/10 of all grades were at A*-B.

25/104 pupils who sat GCSE examinations returned at least 7 A*/A grades. Joyce Liu led the way with 10 A* grades plus 1 B grade; while Milan Dickie and Joshua Frew both secured a clean sweep of 10 A* grades.  Laura Saunders returned 8 A* grades and 2 A grades and Kelly Chan scored 8 A* grades plus 1 A grade and 1 B grade.

Caitlin Benson, Kelly Law, Peter Mylroi Lamont and Robyn Talbot all carried off 10 A*/A grades each and Matthew Green returned 7 A*/A grades, 2 A grades and 1 B grade. Abbie Ballantine, Emily Carson Benson Chan, Joanna Lau, Hannah McClung and Robyn Moore all returned A*/A grades in 9 subjects.

Lauren Elliott, Jason Ho and Emily Yiu scored at least 8 A*/A grades in their overall totals; while Andrew Mylroi Lamont, Alison Wong, Chloe Plunkett, Tori Showkum, Stephen Black and Wilson Marshall achieved 7 A*/A grades in their totals.

Pupils with at least 6 A*/A grades in their overall totals were: Lauren Anderson, Erin Bloomer, Hannah Ferguson, Amy Fowler, Emma McFarland, Rhyss McMullan and Devon Wallace. Stefan Beacom, Laura Burnett, Katrina Cairns, Richard Cuddy, Joseph Hamill, Isaac Li, Natasha Nixon, Annabel Tong and Beth Weir all scored at least 5 A*/A grades in their totals.

The Headmaster, Dr David Burnett, praised the pupils’ achievements stating that, “So many pupils have worked with determination and focus throughout the academic year and their excellent results are a reward for all their hard work.  They deserve huge congratulations for their efforts and dedication.”

He added, “The support of parents and teachers has been a very important factor and it is when you combine that support with the ability and effort of the pupils that we see such excellent results.”

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Aug 182017

The Royal School Dungannon’s Sixth Form pupils achieved excellent A Level results in this summer’s examinations with 3 out of 4 grades awarded at the top grades of A*, A or B and an average UCAS points return per pupil of 319 (the equivalent of 1 A and 2 Bs). The overall pass rate was 100% across all subjects.

22 pupils out of a cohort of 77 secured at least 3 A* or A grades. Mathew Mylroi Lamont led the way, returning 3 A* grades; Aaron Graham scored 2 A* grades, 1 A grade and 1 B grade; and Polo Chiu scored 1 A* grade, 3 A grades and 1 B grade. Timmy Davidson, Grace Doran, Megan Forster, Matthew Maguire, Saffron McKinney, Jennifer McLean, Kerry McMullan, Lauren Plunkett and Adam Smith all returned 2 A* grades plus 1 A grade. Natalie Graham-Mulgrew, Lareyna McMenemy, Adam Patterson, Joshua Patton and Sophie Shannon each achieved 1 A* grade plus 2 A grades. Geoffrey Cheng, Sarah Maxwell, Kira McCammon, Sophie Patterson and Lucy Steenson completed the line up with at least 3 A grades each. In addition, 11 other pupils achieved at least 2 A* or A grades and 1 B grade: Suzanne Bell, Brian Cheung, Emily Elliott-Murphy, Nadine Graham-Mulgrew, Andrew Irvine, Lauren Hudson, Reuben Morrow, Julie Orr, Callum Parke, Matthew Smyth and Matthew Winning.

At AS Level a large number of RSD pupils established an impressive platform for A Level success next year, with 62% of grades at A or B grade. 15 pupils returned at least three A grades in their chosen subjects. Ian Chow, Angel To and Ryan Wong each scored an amazing 5 A grades; and Adam Irwin, Rachel Millar, Cameron Mullan, Ben Nicholl, Rebecca Shaw, Andy Yu and Hayson Yung all achieved 4 A grades. Faye Acheson, Leah Doran, Carly Douglas, Andrew Graham, Jessica Hadden, Joel Stewart and Polly Swaile all returned at least 3 A grades. A further 8 pupils achieved at least 2 A grades and 1 B grade.

The Headmaster, Dr David Burnett, put the results down to, “the way in which pupils, teachers and parents work together.” He said that, “The pupils work terrifically hard in lessons and at home and they can be really proud of their results. They are the richly deserved outcomes for all the hard work, dedication and talent the pupils display week in and week out and our Sixth Formers deserve nothing but credit. The support they have received from their teachers and from parents has helped enormously, encouraging and guiding pupils along the way, and this too has been a crucial factor in the pupils’ success. I would wish to pass on my thanks to all my teaching colleagues and to RSD parents for the support they have given to pupils throughout the year.”

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May 292017

Ben Nicholl (Yr 13) pictured above was presented with the award shown, by CCEA Chairman Trevor Carson in recognition of achieving the accolade of the top scoring candidate in Northern Ireland at GCSE Further Mathematics.  Ben was invited by CCEA on Tuesday 25th April to receive this special award at a ceremony held by the NI Examination Board, at the Titanic Centre in Belfast. Ben was also successful in being awarded joint recipient of the CCEA John Magaud Memorial Cup for excellence in GCSE Further Mathematics.

RSD wishes Ben every success as he embarks on his AS examinations for Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Food Technology at the Royal School Dungannon.

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Oct 202016

Congratulations to Ben Nicholl (Year 13) on his recent news, having obtained joint first in GCSE Further Mathematics and also joint second in GCSE Biology; both for the Northern Ireland CCEA examination board. We wish him all the best as he continues to study this year for his Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Food Technology A Levels at Royal School Dungannon.

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Oct 032016

img_4069Congratulations to Maya Davidson (Year 8) who was presented an award in “recognition of Achievements in Education” by the Mid Ulster District Council at the Civic Awards Evening in Magherafelt.  Maya was the only recipient of an educational award, from 10 awards in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Sep 032016

Congratulations to former pupil Jason McCammon, who recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with 1st Class Honours (MEng, BA).  A student of Homerton College, Jason graduated with the highest examination marks across Cambridge University’s 31 colleges, and he was awarded the T.R.C. Fox Prize as the university’s top Chemical Engineering student.

Jason left RSD in 2012 with 4 A* grades in his A Levels: Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Design & Technology.