Qualifiers for Ulster Athletics Championships

Well done to the pupils listed below who qualified to compete in the Ulster Championships after winning medals at the District Athletics Championships.

Name Event Position
Anna McKeown (Year 14) High Jump & Long Jump 1st & 1st
Zoe Henderson (Year 11) High Jump 2nd
Lucy Turkington (Year 10) Triple Jump 1st
Katie Browne (Year 9) Shot 3rd
Tori Hampton (Year 9) High Jump 2nd
Toni Caddoo (Year 8) 100m 3rd
Judith Lavery (Year 8) Shot 3rd
Toni Caddoo (Year 8)

Abbie Graham

Jessica McClung

Emily Welton

Relay 2nd
Philip Wilson (Year 14) 100m 2nd
Adam Evans (Year 12) Triple Jump 2nd
Jack Girvan (Year 10) High Jump 2nd
Adam McFarland (Year 10) Shot 2nd
Luke Millar (Year 10) High Jump 3rd
David Shrestha (Year 10) Triple Jump 3rd
Jamie Allen (Year 8) Shot 1st
Adam Scott (Year 8) Long Jump 3rd
Jay Cardwell (Year 8)

Adam Curran

Matthew Hall

Adam Scott

Relay 2nd


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