A Level results updated

Our Year 14 pupils who received top grades included:

Anson Chan and Ryan Li were both awarded 4 A* grades, and Bebhinn Elliott-Murphy and Cherith Robinson were each awarded 3 A* grades. Jonathan Hall, Ellen Kirkland and Luke Millar were all awarded 2 A* grades and 1 A grade while Edison Shek was awarded 1 A* and 3 A grades.

Seven pupils were awarded 1 A* grade plus 2 A grades: Catherine Boyd; Emily Condy; Aimee Johnston; Jenny Liu; Peter McClements; James Stockdale and Damian Tsui.

Joshua A Clarke, Rachael Hall, Chloe Kelly, Leah Maxwell, Adam McConville and Ellie To were all awarded 3 A grades. Jasmine Ashfield and Jack Robinson were awarded 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B grades, and Katharine Lamb and Logan McIlravie were awarded 2 A and 1 B grades.

Year 13 pupils were also awarded AS grades and there were many impressive outcomes here too, with Grace Ferguson, Tori Hampton, Alice Hayes, Grace Morrow, Odo Pang, Jessica Sloane and Katelin Spratt all awarded 4 A grades. A further 14 pupils were awarded at least three A grades in their chosen subjects:  Zara Boyd, Hollie Corr, Ellie Curry, Ellie Greenaway, Samuel Thompson, Jon Birnie, Ellen Black, Lydia Carson, Emily Ewart, Rebecca Hicks, Katie Marshall, Tracy Sloane, Jamie Thompson and Caleb Wilson.

We are thoroughly delighted for all of our pupils to receive such well deserved grades. Well done to all!

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