Child Protection



Guidance for Parents

Parents may request a copy of the full Child Protection Policy from the School Reception Office.

The Royal School, Dungannon aims to provide a safe and happy environment within which each pupil feels valued and their welfare is safeguarded and promoted. Relationships between staff and pupils aim to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and a listening environment that makes it easier for pupils to share their concerns. Pupils also have access to a School Counsellor provided by Department of Education, Independent Counselling Service for Schools.

The following are members of the school’s safeguarding team:

Designated teacher (Mr J Graham)

Deputy Designated teachers: Mrs Kerr – Head of Pastoral; Mr Lucas – Assistant Head of Pastoral

Principal (Dr D Burnett)

Designated Governor for Child Protection (Mrs J Williamson)

Chair of the Board of Governors (Rev A Forster)

Members of the school staff see pupils over long periods and can notice physical, behavioural and emotional indicators and hear allegations of abuse. If a pupil makes a disclosure the member of staff refers this concern to the Designated teacher (or in his/her absence to the Deputy Designated teacher) who will make a referral to Social Services Gateway team or PSNI Public Protection Unit where appropriate. In addition the Head of Year/Form Tutor/Subject teacher will keep the Designated teacher informed about any issues that may cause concern in the area of Child Protection.

Parents/Guardians should play their part in Child Protection by:

  • Telephoning the school before 9.30am on the first day of their child’s absence and leaving a message giving the reason for the absence (Tel No 87724966). This informs the school of the pupil’s situation.
  • Sending in a written absence note on the pupil’s return to school. This note should be signed and dated by the parent/guardian and provide the explanation for absence and the dates for absence.
  • Familiarising themselves with the School’s pastoral care and behaviour procedures, and the Anti-Bullying, Internet and Child Protection Policies.
  • Reporting to the Reception Office when they visit the school.
  • Raising concerns they have in relation to their child with the school.

How a parent can make a complaint in relation to child abuse:

The school aims to work closely with parents/guardians in supporting all aspects of our pupils’ development and well being. Any concerns a parent may have will be taken seriously and dealt with in a professional manner. If a parent has a concern they can talk to the Designated teacher for child protection or the Principal. If they are still concerned they may talk to the Chair of the Board of Governors. At any time a parent may talk to a social worker in the local Gateway team or to the PSNI Public Protection Unit. Details of who to contact are shown in the flowchart overleaf.

All staff receive basic child protection awareness training and annual refresher training. During the school year child protection issues are addressed with pupils e.g. in anti-bullying week, Safer Internet Day.


How a Parent can make a Complaint

I have a concern about my/a child’s safety
I can talk to the Form Tutor/Head of Year
If I am still concerned, I can talk to the designated teacher for child protection

(Mr J Graham) or the Principal (Dr D Burnett)

If I am still concerned, I can talk/write to the

Chairman of the Board of Governors,

(Name inserted)



At any time a parent can talk to a social worker at the


Gateway Team Tel: 0800 7837745


or the


PSNI Public Protection Unit Tel : 0845 600 80000