All teachers in the School encourage high standards of behaviour and a positive behaviour policy is promoted.  The aim is to encourage self-discipline and pupils are expected to take ownership and responsibility for their behaviour so that trust and respect may develop between all members of the school community.

The School has traditionally believed that the best discipline is that which comes from within the individual.  Many of its activities and practices are designed to underline and inculcate this belief.  Very little use has to be made of the range of available sanctions which range from a Friday afternoon detention for minor infringements and Saturday morning Detention for serious ones, to suspension for such offences as bullying, vandalism, repeated serious infringements, fighting, stealing, smoking etc.  At times serious offences may lead directly to suspension or expulsion without necessarily having had prior detentions.

The use of or passing on of drugs will result in immediate suspension, and possibly expulsion, for which there is a separate policy.

The School reserves the right to exercise its discipline on all school occasions, activities, trips and outings, including pupils’ behaviour going to and from School or whilst out of School in school uniform.  The School also has a responsibility to protect pupils from what is commonly referred to as cyber bulling as shown in School Rules numbers 5, 6 and 7.

Pupils who are involved in behaviour or activities which are the subject of police investigation or who are found guilty of civil or criminal offences in a court of law are liable to be suspended and/or expelled or to have other suitable sanctions imposed by the Headmaster.

The School Rules are contained in the pupils’ School Diary.  It is part of the Admissions Agreement which each parent/guardian signs in enrolling a pupil at the School, that they will do all within their power to ensure the full co-operation of their children with all the Rules and to support reasonable sanctions which may have to be imposed.  Parents have a right to be consulted and informed about sanctions which the School feels obliged to impose and to make representations about disciplinary matters or sanctions as they apply to their children.  Parents and the School have the responsibility to consider not only the impact of discipline upon children but also the impact of indiscipline on other pupils in the classroom and around the grounds and premises, on transport to and from school and in any areas where they wear school uniform outside school.