Girls Uniform

GIRLS’ UNIFORM                                                                                      (May. 2013)        

1.       A single-breasted regulation RSD blazer (to be worn throughout the year).

2.       An RSD tie.  Only JuniorSchool ties are available in the shops.  The SeniorSchool tie is available from the Bursar’s office.

3.       A long-sleeved white shirt, buttoning to the neck. (Short sleeved may be worn in the summer term)

4.(a)   Years 8, 9 and 10

(i)      A regulation kilted skirt (mid knee length).

(ii)      If pullovers are worn, they should be of the RSD regulation type in plain mid-grey, finely-knit with a v-neck.  The V neck ribbing is not broader than 1 cm (approx.).  Currently “BALMORAL” is the only acceptable make.

(iii)     White knee socks.  In the Summer Term, white ankle socks may be worn.  Between winter and spring mid terms, mid-grey heavy weight plain or ribbed tights may be worn.

(b)     Years 11 – 14

(i)      An RSD regulation mid-grey skirt (pencil with two short pleats at the front and back).  The only suitable make is sold under the trade name KK Model.  Skirts must be mid knee length (or longer).  Parents should ensure that this rule is observed as it will be enforced strictly at school.  When skirts are bought they should be long enough to allow for growth during the year.

(ii)    If pullovers are worn, they should be of the RSD regulation type in plain mid-grey, finely-knit with a v-neck.  The V neck ribbing is not broader than 1cm (approx.)  Currently “BALMORAL” is the only acceptable make.

(iii)    Mid brown nylon tights.  Between winter and spring mid-terms, mid grey thicker denier plain or ribbed tights may be worn.  Black Tights are not permitted.

5.       Plain, flat broad heeled sturdy shoes in black.  No other colours or patent leather permitted.  Low-cut, pointed, light-weight shoes are not considered acceptable.  Heels must not be higher than 3cm for safety reasons.  No narrow or stiletto heels allowed.  Boots may be worn in severe weather, but they should be changed to shoes on arrival at school.

6.       A navy blue, brown, black or grey school overcoat (to cover blazer), straight or belted, with or without hood.  Duffel coats in these colours are acceptable if not lined with bright colours.

7.       Outdoor uniform may include an RSD scarf (or SeniorSchool college-type scarf – available only from school).

8.       Girls in Years 8-12 are not permitted to wear jewellery with school uniform; this includes studs or sleepers in pierced ears and wristbands.  Jewellery worn in school may be confiscated.  Only in the Sixth Form a single ring on each hand may be worn provided it is not considered to be potentially dangerous to the wearer or others.  Girls in Year 13 and 14 only are allowed to wear a single stud earring in each ear, in silver or gold, on the lower lobe.  No other style of earring is permitted, nor is the wearing of multiple earrings or earrings higher on the ear.  Girls choosing to wear earrings will not be permitted to wear these during PE or Games and the earrings must be removed and stored safely in accordance with PE department instructions.  Tattoos are not permitted to be visible at any time.

9.       Books should be carried in a schoolbag or briefcase which gives good protection against wear and tear; shopping bags and baskets are not considered suitable.

10.     Girls are required to keep their hair tidy.  Hair should be worn in a reasonable manner.  Excessive hairstyles (eg unnatural colours, tightly shaven sides, mohican) are not permitted.  Hair gel should not be used for “spiking” styles.  Hair dye or tints, if used, must not alter the normal appearance excessively and colouring should only be single, natural and neutral tones.


Those who are in any doubt about the interpretation of the regulations should consult their Form Tutor before buying new clothes or footwear for school.  Parents are advised to contact the school if they have any further queries.

Girls seeking temporary permission to wear to school some article of clothing that does not conform with the regulation should bring a note from home to their Form Tutor.

Girls must wear school uniform when they are within the School precincts, unless they are travelling to represent the school at sport whereby they may wear a School tracksuit.


A regulation maroon skort*

A regulation polo shirt* (preferred)

Maroon knee socks*

Sports trainers

Sports bag or hockey bag

*Purchased via PE department, although girls may wear a plain white polo shirt (instead of the regulation badged polo shirt).  This should be purchased through one of the authorised stockists.

Tracksuits are not essential items of sportswear, but if worn they should be subdued in colour, preferably navy, with only manufacturers’ logos or school badge.  School tracksuits may be ordered through the PE Staff.

It is essential that all pupils participating in contact sports purchase a mouthguard.  It is also recommended that pupils who are selected for hockey teams wear astro turf trainers.

Girls will require a one-piece swimming costume.


Only the Authorised Stockists and the School can be relied on to give correct advice on the details of the School Uniform:-


G. Cuddy Drapery, 10 Market Square, Dungannon       Tel:  028 87 722325

H.L. McMullan Drapery, Scotch Street, Dungannon     Tel:  028 87 722833

Pauls Drapery, 5 The Linen Green, Moygashel, Dungannon     Tel:  028 87 724875