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Anyone Say Pizza?

RSD is delighted to see the return of the ‘Read for Pizza’ challenge. Since the summer, Junior school pupils have been living countless adventures, solving thrilling mysteries and learning about historic and futuristic places, people and cultures – all through the joy of reading! Once a book was read, a book review was written and then handed in to our librarian, Mrs Ferguson. Each book review gained points for one of the four Houses. Extra points were given for particularly challenging books and Mrs Ferguson was also on the lookout for very well written reviews which demonstrated excellent detail and critique.

Initially, the competition was very close and any House could have gained the prestigious award but Beresford Charlemont surged ahead in the final days and clinched the coveted prize – a free pizza lunch! Bullingbrook /Tyrone came in second, closely followed by Nicholson/ Dungannon, leaving Mountjoy / Ranfurly in last position.

Individual prizes for the best written reviews were given to: Julia Meeke (B/C), Tsventen Bogcrevski (B/T), Riley Burrows (N/D) and Mia Ruddy (M/R).

Well done to B/C and to every pupil who took up the challenge!

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