Food & Leisure

BBQ treats during the good weather

Enjoying our Boarding Christmas Dinner


Three meals are provided each day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The three meals are taken in the dining hall with an informal atmosphere between Boarders and Staff being an important feature at mealtimes. Additionally, boarders may prepare their own light meals in the evening or at weekends. The Boarders’ Christmas dinner and Chinese New Year dinner are special events in the calendar where boarders, staff and governors come together in celebration.

Year 8 Boys pictured before rugby practice.

Taking time out to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in Dungannon Park, just a few minutes walk from school.



Weekends are a busy time for the pupils, who may be involved in various sports fixtures, or who may use their time to pursue a favourite hobby, perhaps through a school club. Often, the school organises day trips to places of local interest, allowing pupils to experience activities and events outside the daily school environment.



Additional English language lessons are provided for those overseas Boarders who require additional support. Lessons are organised according to an individual pupil’s needs and overseen by a fully qualified Teacher each week. There is also a Boarders’ committee, consisting of boarders and boarding staff, which meets regularly to discuss issues and suggest improvements. The Bursar’s office supports boarders with passport and visa issues and money matters such as opening a bank account.


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