Celebrating our Year 11 and 12 Top Achievers

RSD congratulated the top pupils in the internal January exams who were ranked in the top 5 in their year group (by points awarded based on grades achieved). Each pupil got a well-deserved Easter egg to enjoy.

There were many super grades achieved throughout the Year 11 and 12 groups in these exams and we want to commend all pupils who worked so well through lockdown last year and applied themselves with real commitment. Keep it up!

Prize Winners

Year 12

  • Laura Birnie
  • Lily Gallagher
  • Reuben Gibson
  • Genna Gilpin
  • Chloe McCollum
  • Elena Wallace
  • Matthew Moan

Year 11

  • Joanna Ashfield
  • Lois Carson
  • Katie Ewing
  • Kristin Fenton
  • Molly McAllister
  • Sophie Meyer

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