Celebrating success with our GCSE pupils

Pupils at the Royal School Dungannon have achieved excellent GCSE results in this summer’s examinations. The overall results showed that 2/5 of all grades were at A* or A grades and 7/10 of all grades were at A*-B.

25/104 pupils who sat GCSE examinations returned at least 7 A*/A grades. Joyce Liu led the way with 10 A* grades plus 1 B grade; while Milan Dickie and Joshua Frew both secured a clean sweep of 10 A* grades.  Laura Saunders returned 8 A* grades and 2 A grades and Kelly Chan scored 8 A* grades plus 1 A grade and 1 B grade.

Caitlin Benson, Kelly Law, Peter Mylroi Lamont and Robyn Talbot all carried off 10 A*/A grades each and Matthew Green returned 7 A*/A grades, 2 A grades and 1 B grade. Abbie Ballantine, Emily Carson Benson Chan, Joanna Lau, Hannah McClung and Robyn Moore all returned A*/A grades in 9 subjects.

Lauren Elliott, Jason Ho and Emily Yiu scored at least 8 A*/A grades in their overall totals; while Andrew Mylroi Lamont, Alison Wong, Chloe Plunkett, Tori Showkum, Stephen Black and Wilson Marshall achieved 7 A*/A grades in their totals.

Pupils with at least 6 A*/A grades in their overall totals were: Lauren Anderson, Erin Bloomer, Hannah Ferguson, Amy Fowler, Emma McFarland, Rhyss McMullan and Devon Wallace. Stefan Beacom, Laura Burnett, Katrina Cairns, Richard Cuddy, Joseph Hamill, Isaac Li, Natasha Nixon, Annabel Tong and Beth Weir all scored at least 5 A*/A grades in their totals.

The Headmaster, Dr David Burnett, praised the pupils’ achievements stating that, “So many pupils have worked with determination and focus throughout the academic year and their excellent results are a reward for all their hard work.  They deserve huge congratulations for their efforts and dedication.”

He added, “The support of parents and teachers has been a very important factor and it is when you combine that support with the ability and effort of the pupils that we see such excellent results.”

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