Charities Committee receives Community Champion Award

Mrs Stitt and Mrs Matthews were delighted to receive a “Community Champion Award” today on behalf of the RSD Charities Committee, from Kinship Carers. Kinship Carers are a charity organisation with a local base in Dungannon and a shop called Kindness for Strangers. RSD pupils had donated a variety of items which were formed into food hampers for people in the local community in December 2020 and these were gifted to the Kindness for Strangers shop. The charity wanted to recognise this and other efforts, commending RSD for our contribution to the local community.

When Kinship Carers got in touch recently with RSD, they enquired “Why did the Royal School Dungannon support Kinship Carers and their children?”

“The Charities Committee wanted to do something to support those living in our local community.  We had heard about Kinship Carers and knew that they were doing an amazing job so it really captured our interest as a Charities Committee.  For many people Christmas can be a struggle both economically and emotionally, particularly this year with job losses and the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Therefore we decided to launch an appeal to gather as many food items as possible which could then be made into food hampers.  The response from pupils and staff across the entire school was phenomenal!  We appealed to the competitive element of the RSD pupils and offered a prize for the Form Class who brought in most items and this definitely worked to our favour!  We thoroughly enjoyed taking part and found this a very rewarding experience.  We hope that what we did helped make Christmas a little more pleasant for people living in the local Dungannon area.”
Mrs Stitt


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