Christmas Concert 2023

The Christmas concert was a fantastic experience. The night began with the orchestra playing ‘Christmas Fanfare’ led by Mr Henning – it came to life with the audience participating in singing ‘Hark! The herald angels sing’.

‘A Christmas Festival’, which was a collection of notable Christmas songs was next, until the final performance of ‘Sleigh Ride’. This was nothing short of excellent.

Max Patterson then performed an extraordinary rock version of ‘Carol of the Bells’ on the drums. This modernisation was beautiful and breathtaking.

‘A Christmas Wish’ was performed by Keziah Shaw and Madison Weir. This beautiful harmony was a perfect example of the true talent in RSD.

Junior Choir performed another modernisation, this time of ‘Silent Night’, called ‘Be Still’, bringing goosebumps to the audience watching them.

Another instrumental solo followed, performed by Regina Chan on the piano which demonstrated a high level of talent and hard work.

Then it was the Senior Choir’s time to shine, performing ‘Jesus Child’ followed by a new version of ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Then the veteran of RSD Music Society, Jamie Creaney, performed ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’, with his guitar – catapulting the audience into Christmas.

Chamber Choir, consisting of six senior pupils, performed ‘Adore’, a very powerful piece, followed by the theme from the movie ‘Elf’, creating a very different mood which was equally as excellent.

The music part of the night finished with the Senior Ensemble performing ‘Christmas Time’. The music was ended with a breathtaking performance from the GCSE Music pupils!

The whole night was wrapped up with a performance by Junior Drama – a modern version of ‘Oliver Twist’, for children. This was a witty and fun presentation of ‘Oliver’ which captured the attention and emotion of the audience. It was clear the pupils loved this performance just as much as the audience.

Overall, the night was a work of art, and the hours of effort from teachers and pupils alike really paid off, achieving fantastic and memorable results. A joyful atmosphere was created, clear to see on the faces of all who attended and were involved in this year’s Christmas concert.

Special thanks to Ben Cooper for writing this report.

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