English as an Additional Language

For pupils whose first language is not English there is support from TEFL teachers (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) through after-school classes and, with the help of tutors and teachers, in some timetabled lessons.

There is a strong focus on helping new pupils improve both their conversational English to help them settle and make friends and also their written English to help with their studies.

There is close cooperation between TEFL teachers and the English Department to ensure that every pupil has the best chance to succeed in his or her studies. The focus is upon helping pupils to progress with English as a subject and also in their other subjects. The key areas are:

  • Talking & Listening in English
  • Writing for effect in English
  • English Literature (novels, plays and poetry)
  • Understanding key subject terms
  • Understanding command words in each subject (e.g. explain; describe; evaluate)

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