Grading Process 2021

Dilworth Cross with new governors building

Documents required for the Summer 2021 Grading Process can be found below.  Pupils and Parents are asked to consult the CCEA Student & Parent Guide for details of how the process functions this year.  There are 4 documents below:

  • The CCEA Student & Parent Guide
  • The RSD CDG (Centre Determined Grade) Policy for Summer 2021
  • The RSD Post-Results Policy for Summer 2021
  • The CCEA Post-Results service submission form
Governors attendance at school events

Grading Process 2021


RSD CDG Policy Complete Version update 7...

Size: 895.12 KB
Date modified: 18-06-2021

RSD Post-Results Policy 2021

Size: 97.69 KB
Date modified: 18-06-2021

CCEA Student & Parent Guide to Post-Resu...

Size: 653.54 KB
Date modified: 18-06-2021

CCEA Post-Results Service Submission For...

Size: 95.82 KB
Date modified: 23-08-2021

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