Halloween Fun in Boarding

Over half term, various trips and activities were organised for the boarders in the boarding department.
It started off with a day out shopping in Belfast on Wednesday. Then an evening out on Friday, travelling all the way to Lisburn for some bowling, ice skating, followed by some banging fireworks in Dungannon town square. We enjoyed the unusual crowd in Dungannon, and some us even got our faces painted!
To celebrate Halloween, we have not missed out on decorating the boarding department. Miss McCombe brought in a truckload of pumpkins for us to carve meaning there were pumpkins around every corner!
On Monday evening, we have also visited the Haunted House at Todd Leap, Ballygawley.
Lastly, Halloween night, we had a ‘Hide and Seek’ competition in school. It was an extremely competitive game – some people were highly creative when it came to finding a spot to hide!

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