Northern Ireland Championships for RSD Shooting Team

Nine members of the RSD Shooting Club competed in the Northern Ireland Championships, held at the East Antrim Club, Ballyclare on Wednesday 1st March. This was a very successful visit. Several shooters recorded personal bests. These included Angel To (Yr13) (285 ex 300 with a 98) and Caitlin Canavan (Yr11) (286 ex 300 also with a 98). Adam McMinn (Yr14) and Caitlin Canavan were our top scorers. Our Boarding students were also well represented and shot well; Angel To, Andy Yu (Yr13), Brian Cheung (Yr14) and David Clarkson (Yr12). Though not quite at ‘their best’, Zack El Marif (Yr12) and Rhyss McMullan (Yr12) also performed creditably. At the moment we do not know their placings in the Northern Ireland context.

We are in the final rounds of our league competitions. Currently our ‘A’ team is leading in their league; Adam McMinn, Zack el Marif and Thomas Ferguson (Yr14). Now that Spring is here we are looking forward to shooting outdoors.

Many thanks to Mr A Kelly for providing the information for our Shooting Team report.

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