Onatti Year 10-14 French Performance

On 10th October, the Onatti theatre group came to RSD to perform Les Garçons, one of their most successful plays, for pupils in Years 10-14.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Rebekah Needham (Year 11) said “It was very funny. The acting was very good which made it easier to understand even when you didn’t know all the vocabulary. I especially liked the audience participation.” Robyn Archer (also Year 11) said “You should study French just to see the performance!”

Thank you to the Onatti theatre group for coming in to RSD and performing Les Garçons. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all.

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Currently in Year 12, working towards my GCSEs. I enjoy studying Spanish, Digital Technology, FT and RE. I am also in the School News Team, RSD Wind Band and Public Relations officer for the Eco-club.

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