Positive Behaviour & Discipline

A key aim is to help pupils develop their self-confidence and reach their academic potential in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Staff/pupil relationships are excellent and all teachers provide guidance and encourage high standards of behaviour.

A positive behaviour policy is promoted with the aim of encouraging pupils’ self-discipline. Pupils are expected to take ownership and responsibility for their behaviour so that trust and respect may develop between all members of the school community.

The School has traditionally believed that the best discipline is that which comes from within the individual. Many of its activities and practices are designed to underline and inculcate this belief. When pupils do find themselves involved in an incident they are asked for their views and these are always taken into account.

RSD operates a school detention system, with a Friday afternoon detention for minor infringements and Saturday morning detention for serious ones. However, the emphasis is always upon guiding pupils and correcting behaviour and very little use has to be made of the available sanctions.

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