Learning for Life & Work

Learning for Life & Work

Co-ordinator: Mrs G Glenn (Mr A Boyd)

Learning for Life and Work provides students with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills related to everyday issues and problems in our ever-changing world.

Divided into three strands, Citizenship, Personal Development and Employability, relevant and engaging topics are taught, allowing pupils to gain knowledge and express their opinions in a safe and stimulating environment.


Across Key Stage 3, issues such as diversity, poverty and relationships are addressed to ensure pupils are connected with global matters and are aware of how best to deal with these in a more localised setting.

The importance of career planning and the development of transferable skills are also incorporated into the schemes of work in preparation for pupils’ future employment.

At Key Stage 4, knowledge of non-governmental organisations and the importance of a healthy lifestyle are examples of areas covered in class, building on prior knowledge gained through Years 8-10.

A more focused approach to pupils’ career options holds significance at this level, working alongside the Careers department to offer informed and meaningful support to all students.

The LLW department has strong links with outside agencies including Young Enterprise and Start360 who deliver high quality programmes for pupils across all year groups regarding e-safety, money management and the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse. These all contribute effectively to the holistic development of students at RSD.

Learning for Life & Work News Articles

Year 9 pupils in Blast Off workshop

Today our Year 9 group of pupils had the exciting opportunity to participate in a Young Enterprise ‘Blast Off’ workshop.

‘Pop and Fizz’ in Young Enterprise Scheme

Year 10 pupils (studying Learning for Life and Work: Employability) are taking part in the 'Quick Start, Young Enterprise Scheme' and have set up a mini enterprise over a number of weeks and are given one day to sell their product. The pupils pictured represent team...

Love for Life LLW visit

RSD welcomed the Love for Life team into school on Thursday 31st January to deliver relationship programmes to Years 9, 11 and 12.

Love for Life

RSD welcomed the Love for Life team into school on Thursday 1st February to deliver relationship programmes to Years 9, 11 and 12. Pupils enjoyed becoming more informed about this topic in an interactive, relevant and engaging way.

Year 10 workshop on ‘Positive Relationships’

Year 10 pupils enjoyed a talk yesterday from Mrs Hunter, on behalf on Mid Uslter @Women’s Aid’. The yeargroup learnt about many topical issues and raised their awareness and understanding about what makes a healthy, non-violent relationship.

Young Enterprise entrepreneurial events for Years 8 and 9

Pupils in Years 8 and 9 enjoyed events today in our Lower Campus, run by Young Enterprise.

Year 10 Young Enterprise ‘Learn 2 Earn’

On Thursday 23rd February, Year 10 participated in a ‘Learn 2 Earn’ talk led by Young Enterprise in the Lower Campus.

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