Reading Mentors at RSD

Congratulations to all our Reading mentors and mentees for all their hard work this year! Our Year 13 mentors attended training facilitated by Learn Spark at the beginning of the year and then met with Junior pupils once a week for shared reading. It was amazing to see the encouragement and support offered by the Year 13 pupils to our Junior pupils. All our mentors and mentees were awarded a special certificate in assembly to recognise all of their hard work.

Well done to our Year 8 & 9 mentees:

Colin Plawecki, Noah Erskine, Leon Hunt, Kenzie McLoughlin, Aaron Ferguson, Diana Ghesov, Henry Cole, Chloe Ewart, Freddie Turkinton, Luke McKevitt, Lucas Black, Ethan Lewis, Jame Hughes, Alsu Ismail, Kurt Gomba, Nikita Knipe, Reuben Rainey, Jedd Ozeum, Thomas Stewart, Paula Beneitez, Charlie Stinson, Sol Rey, Charlie Espie, Robyn Lewis, Josh Anderson, Thomas Stewart

Thanks to all our Year 13 reading mentors:

Stacey Jardine, Catherine Richardson, Ellie Maguire, Ruth Brodison, Ben Cooper, Matthew McConnell, Laura Birnie, Sophie-Jean Knox, Matthew Moan, Hannah Glasgow, Sam Dougherty, Clara Finlay, Lucy Redmond, Maddie McKinstry, Grace Conway, Joshua Curry, Lauren Young, Katie Walker, Grace Wylie, Nicci Montgomery, Jonathan Davidson, Jayne Courtney


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