DAB Dr DA Burnett Headmaster:  History
RJC RJ Clingan Deputy Head:  Mathematics, ICT
AYB Mrs A Best Art & Design, RE
GRB GR Black Mathematics, PE
NJC NJ Canning Design & Technology
REC RE Chambers Biology, Chemistry, Life & Health Sciences
WYC Mrs W Chambers Physics, Mathematics
AEC Miss AE Chestnutt Biology, Careers
KLC Miss KL Clarke Music, English, RE, Drama, LLW
SAC Miss S Colgan PE, ICT
SJC SJ Cuddy Music, Drama
ARG Mrs AR Gilkinson Physics, Mathematics, Life & Health Sciences
CSM Mrs CS Montgomery Biology, LLW
JRG RJ Graham English
RLH Mrs RL Hampton Chemistry, Life & Health Sciences
ABA Ms A Anderson English, Careers
SJJ Mrs SJ Jackson English, Drama
CLK Mrs CL Kerr French, English, Careers
PSK PS Kerr History
GSL GSR Lucas Chemistry, Biology
PLM Mrs PL Matthews RE, Literacy Support, Careers
GWM GWA McClintock PE, Careers
DMC Miss D McCombe Physics, Mathematics, Life & Health Sciences
CEM Mrs CE McCormick Spanish, French, RE, Food Technology
SJM Mrs SJ McCullough History, RE
MDM MD McDowell English, Drama
LNM Mrs L McGurk Chemistry, Biology
GMM Mr G McLoughlin ICT, Computer Science
HRM Miss H Montgomery Geography, Careers
PGM PG Moore French, Spanish
NGP Mrs NG Peden Business Studies, ICT
AMP Ms AM Prescott RE
ASR AS Ritchie Mathematics
SMG Mrs SJ McGrath PE, ICT
LMS Mrs LM Shaw Art & Design, History, RE, ICT
AVS Mrs AV Simpson Food Technology, Health & Social Care
JAS Mrs JA Stewart Food Technology, Health & Social Care
EVS Mrs EV Stitt French, Spanish, Food Technology
ARS Mrs AR Straghan Economics, Geography, Business Studies, RE, ICT, Careers
ATT AT Turner Geography, RE
VIT Mrs VI Trouton Food Technology, Health & Social Care
GTW GT Watterson Mathematics, ICT
JWW JW Willis Design & Technology, ICT
IAW IA Wilson Mathematics
SLW Miss SL Winslow Head of Boarding
MJB Mr MJ Black Assistant Head of Boarding
  Temporary Staff  
MAD Mr MA Drennan Physics, Mathematics
AEG Miss AE Goligher Chemistry, Life & Health Science
AMH Mr AM Henning Music, Drama
CMC Mrs C McConville Mathematics
SET Miss S Thompson PE, ICT

The teaching staff at RSD are all subject specialists and they take a huge amount of pride in promoting a ‘love of subject’ to pupils of all ages. Most teachers also play the role of form tutor, guiding pupils as they progress through school and providing pupils with support and pastoral care.

Staff are deeply committed to the school’s ethos, with everyone involved in Boarding in some way, including some teachers who act as resident staff, and large numbers of staff committed to RSD’s extensive extra-curricular programme. Not surprisingly, staff and pupils enjoy great relationships based around a shared vision and values.

Staff also support one another, engaging in professional development by sharing experiences and expertise, and looking after one another through the Staff Common Room Committee’s health and wellbeing programme and various social events.

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