Virtual Prize Day 2021

We are delighted to be able to share the link below to access the video montage of our Virtual Prize Day, with a review of the year from Dr Burnett, remarks from our Guests of Honour (Rebecca Edwards, Calum Bain, Peter Nelson, Samantha Kelly and Philip Eaglesham) and some superb images of our prize winners.

Prize Day 2021 video running order is as follows:

  • Headmaster’s Address
  • Rebecca Edwards (17m 10s)
  • Calum Bain (19m 10s)
  • Peter Nelson (20m 30s)
  • Prizewinner Gallery  (21m 15s)
  • Samantha Kelly (26m 10s)
  • Philip Eaglesham (26m 50s)

Prizes awarded to pupils for 2020-2021 can now be viewed through the ‘Prize Day Booklet 2021’ PDF linked below. Alternatively, this can be found on our school website in the section titled ‘About RSD’, ‘Prize Day 2021’.

Well done to all of our award recipients!


Prize Day 2021


Prize Day Booklet 2021

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