Website Privacy Policy

Privacy on the RSD website (& GDPR compliance)


The RSD website has been upgraded to use 256-bit encryption meaning that any data transmitted to & from the site is protected using an SSL certificate.  When visiting the site, in most browsers, you should see a small padlock in your browser bar indicating the security being used.

Comments & Discussions

Commenting on posts and pages is disabled on the RSD website.

Registering for Updates

When you register for updates about News stories and posted Articles you are required to enter your contact details in an online form.  This information is stored on our server and allows us to automatically generate an email to you when a new post is generated.  This data is not processed in any other way.  To see or modify the information that is held, simply login to the website (Links – Admin) using the email address you supplied and you will be able to access all the information that you have supplied.  This information is held securely on our server and is accessible only to you, via your password, and the website administrators.

To remove your details from this service simply login and delete the account, or email from the email address you would like to remove.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are available on the Royal School Dungannon website and allow visitors to contact the school office or the boarding department.  When sending a message via one of our forms this is forwarded to the appropriate member of staff in RSD.  No copy of the details entered on this form is kept on the server.

Analytics & Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text that are stored on your PC and allow summary information to be accurately generated.  There are a number of reasons why websites use cookies and the varying uses are detailed below.  These cookies can be disabled in your browser settings.

There are three different types of cookie that you will find being used on the RSD site:

1 – Strictly necessary cookies.  These cookies are required by websites in order to access essential features on the site.  These cookies do not gather personal data about you and these cookies cannot be disabled.

2 – Performance cookies.  These cookies are used to enhance your browsing experience by identifying pages that are visited most frequently or pages that generate errors.  The RSD website makes use of Google Analytics to track activity and generate summary statistics regarding visitor habits.  Feedback is used to enhance the site based on page popularity and visitor habits.  The Monster Insights plugin is enabled on the RSD site and this plugin ensures that IP addresses are anonymised before being processed by Google Analytics.

3 – Functionality & Profile cookies.  These cookies are used to store you preferences when browsing.  These may include the language that you are using or, when accessing a secure area of a website, these can be used to store your details so that you do not have to manually re-enter these when returning.

4 – Targeting cookies.  These cookies gather information about your browsing habits.  These are used to personalise online advertisements and services based on your online activity.  Settings can be configured in your browser. Stats

Data Used: IP address, user ID (if logged in), username (if logged in), user agent, visiting URL, referring URL, timestamp of event, browser language, country code. Important: The site owner does not have access to any of this information via this feature. For example, a site owner can see that a specific post has 285 views, but he/she cannot see which specific users/accounts viewed that post. Stats logs — containing visitor IP addresses and usernames (if available) — are retained by Automattic for 28 days and are used for the sole purpose of powering this feature.

Activity Tracked: Post and page views, outbound link clicks, referring URLs and search engine terms, and country. When this module is enabled, Jetpack also tracks performance on each page load that includes the Javascript file used for tracking stats. This is exclusively for aggregate performance tracking across Jetpack sites in order to make sure that our plugin and code is not causing performance issues. This includes the tracking of page load times and resource loading duration (image files, Javascript files, CSS files, etc.).

3rd-Party Applications

The RSD website makes use of a small number of 3rd party applications such as YouTube.  Although video resources appear within the RSD site, these are hosted on YouTube servers and, as such, you should consult their privacy policy for details of how they use your data.

External Links

The RSD website contains a number of links to external websites.  When you navigate away from the RSD site, we no longer have any control over how your data is collected or used.  You should consult the privacy policy of the site you are visiting in order to review their use of your data.

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