Welcome to new RSD Boarders!

In September 2022, boarding has introduced 12 new pupils across different year groups. Starting off with Evelyn in year 8, Hayden, Paula, Sol in year 9, Claudia, Isabela, Charlene, Minnie, and Loewe in year 10. Ayden, Issac and Jasper in year 11. They have all fitted into the boarding community quite quickly and are enjoying their team at RSD. Many of them are looking forward to making new friends and participating in school life in all areas including academics, sports or music.

They inherit a strong legacy from our 2022 boarding leavers, who all achieved excellent results and this has allowed them to be placed into their chosen university courses. Each of them has continued their studies in further education, but pursuing a range of different areas.

Seun Alabi is now studying a double degree in Chemistry with medical genetics and French at the University of Birmingham.

Peter Chan is studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hong Kong.

Kelvin Cheung is studying Public health, Jim Lam is studying Radiography and May Lau is studying Medical Laboratory Science, all at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Finally, Anson Ng is now studying Early Childhood Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

We wish all of our 2022 leavers every success as they pursue their chosen paths.

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