Year 11 Induction Day

After the shock of their first early morning start, Year 11 got started on their GCSE journey with an interactive induction day where they explored a variety of revision skills and strategies.   The differences between Key stage 4 and Key stage 3 were also considered, discussing the pitfalls and the positives, to help get pupils off to the best start possible as they begin this important phase of their education with GCSE exams at the end of Year 11. Pupils also reflected on their role as a Key Stage 4 pupil at RSD and how they could contribute positively to the RSD community. 

We were really delighted to welcome Leanne Ferguson from Specdrum HR department  to speak to the pupils from an employer perspective and outline the things that they are looking for in prospective employees such as:

  • A Good Academic Profile
  • Organisational skills
  • Commitment
  • Dedication and perseverance
  • Focus
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Resilience
  • Ability to be a team worker
  • Innovative

Most common interview questions were discussed and advice offered on how to answer these questions.

Pupils were reminded of the importance of being ‘social media aware’ and being involved in things outside of the classroom with the quotes below.                                                        

They also provided really useful information on their apprenticeship schemes, graduate schemes and work experience weeks for any budding engineers.

Pupils hopefully left with plenty of food for thought in tackling the two years ahead, in a happy and positive manner!

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