Year 8 Science trip – The Navan Centre

On Friday 8 March our year group (Year 8) went on a trip to the Navan Centre to see some science experiments.  The experiments were cool and some were absolutely crazy.  For example, making fake snow definitely fell into the  ‘cool’ category. whilst another experiment, which resulted in a massive explosion which went all over the ceiling, was clearly crazy.

Besides these exciting experiments, we met two interesting historical figures. The first was an American soldier who told us about how he lived and what he did during the war. He also got two volunteers and asked one to clean a penny and the other to mix up toffee!  The second person was a doctor who discussed his methods of curing people and showed us some of his medicines. He also passed around a bowl with a disgusting mixture in it that was supposed to cure people.

All in all, we had a great time at the Navan Centre and we would recommend a visit!

Chloe Plunkett & Laura Saunders (Year 8)

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