Congratulations to our Year 9 App Design Finalists.  The team of 4 Year 9 pupils recently attended the final of the Sentinus Digital Futures App Design competition at St George’s Market in Belfast where they presented their app idea to a panel of experts and a live audience. The girls were eloquent and confident as they outlined their idea, and explained the process that they had followed: creating and discussing initial ideas; developing and testing prototypes; and coming together as a team to bring their own individual skills to the process.  Despite not winning on this occasion, the team enjoyed the process and proved themselves to be excellent representatives of RSD. They are pictured here, along with Mr McGuinness, having received their participation certificates from the Semi-Final of the event; and there are also some pictures here, supplied by Sentinus, that were taken during the semi-final and final.  Thanks also to Mrs Peden for accompanying the team to the Final and providing last-minute support & encouragement.  

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