Clubs & Societies

Life at RSD is very busy and for all the right reasons. In addition to sport, music and drama there is a good range of extra-curricular activities for RSD pupils to throw themselves into and so many do just that!

These include:

  • Junior Book Club
  • Junior Science Club
  • Chess Club
  • Scripture Union (junior and senior branches
  • Computer Games Design Club
  • ECO club
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme
  • Debating Society
  • Magazine & News Team
  • Young Enterprise
  • Safer School Team
  • Charities Committee

In many cases these clubs and societies rely upon pupils to play the role of chair, secretary or general organiser. Clubs for juniors such as the Book Club and Computer Games Design Club are overseen and led by senior pupils while the ECO club and Young Enterprise are run almost entirely by pupils. The Safer School Team provides guidance for pupils and parents on issues such as e-safety, mental health awareness and anti-bullying.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award tests pupils as they learn to navigate their way across the mountains. Teamwork and preparation are the keys to success. The Scripture Union provides a focus for pupils’ spiritual lives and here too pupils take on much of the responsibility for organising events, including the School’s Easter Service. The Charities Committee organise numerous events and fun activities throughout the year and in the process raise thousands of pounds for good causes.

At RSD pupil-led activity is the norm and learning outside the classroom is just as much valued as formal lessons.

Extra Curricular Activities

2023 – Extra-curricular list to be finalised.  Below is the provisional list of activities.  Please check with the teacher in charge for final details.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School Lost Property# (H23, 8.25 – 8.40)  

Senior Hockey Fitness (8.00am –  8.30am)

Lost Property# (H23, 8.25 – 8.40)

SU Prayer Meeting (K13, 8:30-8:45, Y8 – Y14)

  Lost Property# (H23, 8.25 – 8.40)
Break time School News Team (K2, Y13-14)     Staff Prayer Meeting (HR1)  
Lunch 1st sitting

Chamber Choir (R3, Y11 – Y14)

Junior SU (H1, Y8 – Y10)

Chess Club


Senior Choir (Forum, Y11 – Y14)


Young Enterprise (Y13, 1.00 – 1.55)

Junior Drama Group

Eco Club (1.10-1.50)

U13 Rugby (1- 1.25) Skills Session – Sports Hall

Senior Choir (Forum, Y11 – Y14)


Debating Society (K11/Forum)

Junior Drama Group

Safe Space (First and last Friday)

Band (1.00 – 1.30, Y8 – Y14)

Lunch 2nd sitting

Chess Club

Senior SU Committee (Y11-14)


Junior Choir (Forum, Y8 – Y10)

Charities Committee (Y13)

Eco Club (1:20-1:45)


Young Enterprise (Y13, 1.15 – 1.55)

Computer Game Design Club (Y8 & Y9)


Junior Choir (Forum, Y8 – Y10)


After School

1st XI Hockey

2nd XI Hockey


Senior Rugby (Y12 – Y14)

3rd XI Hockey

4th XI Hockey

U12 Hockey (Y8)



U12 Rugby (Y8)

U14 Hockey (Y10)

U14 Rugby (Y10)

Badminton Club (Seniors Sept – Dec, Juniors Feb – Easter)

Art Support (Y11 – Y14 Art pupils)

Cross Country (Y9 – Y14 girls, Nov – Jan only)

DoE Silver (Y11)

DoE Gold (Y13)

Senior Rugby (Y12 – Y14)

Medallion Rugby (Y11)

U13 Hockey (Y9)

U13 Rugby (Y9)


Senior SU (Y11 – Y14)



The library is available before school, breaktime, lunchtime and after school (until 4.30pm) each day

K14 (computer room) is available each day at lunchtime (and breaktime for the printing of urgent academic work)

# Lost Property:  Lost property will only be open at the above times but essential items can be claimed any day at breaktime or lunchtime (eg glasses, wallets, purses, bus passes, keys)

The Drama Society will publish their rehearsals for cast members of the school play on a weekly basis.

The Charities Committee will meet on Thursdays (2nd sitting) and on various days at certain times of the year to prepare for events.

The Safer Schools Team will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1.00pm at certain times of the year to prepare for events.

Junior SU Trip

Junior SU spent Friday night in Airtastic in Craigavon and enjoyed a McDonald’s together after. All pupils had a fantastic night and are already looking forward to the next SU trip.

Sixth Form Breakfast

The Sixth Form enjoyed a Charities breakfast on Friday 29th September which was the morning after the formal.  In...

Welcome to Junior SU!

On Monday, we welcomed lots of new Year 8s to our first Junior SU meeting of the year! Over 60 pupils shared hot chocolate together, heard a thought from the Bible from Ben Cooper (one of our Sixth Form mentors) and chatted to the pupils about our theme for this term...

Eco Club Leavers & Office Bearers

We wish all the best to our outgoing Year 14 Eco Club Members and are excited to see what our remaining members can achieve together!

Year 9 App Design success

Congratulations to our Year 9 App Design team for securing their place in the Final of the Digital Futures App Design competition

April Honours List

Congratulations to all of our students who received major honours, minor honours or honourable mentions for their services to Hockey, Music and Rugby at the end of last term....

Young Enterprise Success at Rushmere!

Congratulations to our students who competed in the Company Programme of Young Enterprise NI at Rushmere Shopping Centre on Thursday 9th February

Junior SU Christmas Party

At the end of last term, our Junior SU members finished the term with a special Christmas Party

Report: 1XI Hockey Team

This year the 1XI made an enthusiastic and long awaited return to competitive hockey matches following the disruption of Covid-19. A strong start to the season was made as the 1XI won their opening fixture against Down High School 1-0 with a goal from Jessica McClung...

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