Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at RSD is probably where the sense of a community is most obvious as the relationship between pupils and staff blossoms into a sense of working together for a common purpose. Young men and women in the Sixth Form are expected to accept responsibility and to learn to play the role of organiser and leader.

The teams of Prefects and House officials play a vital role in organising and administering a host of School events but their maturity and loyalty is simply indicative of a much broader attitude within the Sixth Form.

Life in the Sixth Form is in some ways similar to being a pupil lower down the School but there are also key differences. One of the biggest changes is that in studying four AS Levels in Year 13 and (usually) three A Levels in Year 14, pupils find themselves with ‘free’ periods. Making use of that time is crucial and Sixth Formers are expected to work independently and to show initiative in prioritising what to study and the resources to use.

The Library, the Murray Study, the Sixth Form Centre Study Area (known affectionately as the Box) are all available to help; and there are extensive ICT facilities as well as the opportunity to ‘bring your own device’. Pupils can also elect to spend some of their ‘free’ periods in the Sixth Form Centre and relax with a cup of tea or coffee as they plan the next big School event, such as the Formal, or organise teams, clubs and House activities.

The curriculum in the Sixth Form is traditionally academic as the vast majority of RSD pupils gain entry to university, including Oxford and Cambridge and the high performing Russell Group universities such as Queen’s University Belfast. A number of pupils also enter the newer universities, including Ulster University, to take courses which are often contemporary in focus and attractive to employers.

In recent years, the RSD curriculum has been extended, with more vocational or applied subjects added, and there is now a much broader range of options for A Level study.

A broader ‘enrichment’ curriculum allows pupils to study non-examination Religious Education, to participate in Physical Education and Games, help with charities, participate in the Young Enterprise scheme and work in the community, such as at Sperrinview Special School.

Add to this the regular visits to academic conferences, fieldwork trips and trips overseas, such as to Rome, Paris, Madrid and London, and it is easy to see why so many RSD Sixth Formers develop such a strong affinity with the School.

Take a look at the A Level subjects you can choose from.

Sixth Form News Articles

Senior Prefects and Prefects for 2021-2022

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been voted as Senior Prefects for 2021-22. Our Head Girl is Jessica McClung and Head Boy is Benjamin Neill. Our Deputy Head Girls are Caitlyn MacGregor, Catherine McCammon and Sarah Thompson and our Deputy Head Boys are James Girvan and Matthew McNeill.

Top pupils in Young Enterprise exam results

Congratulations to Rebecca Liggett and Niall Keys (Year 13) who both achieved a Distinction in the Young Enterprise exam, run in partnership with Ulster University for the Company Programme students. Both pupils were placed in the top 10 candidates sitting the exam...

Festive Fundraising of £987 from the Charities Committee

The total amount of funds raised recently by our Charities Committee, from a number of festive events, was £987!

Festive Charitable Donations

Our RSD Charities committee collected a massive donation of festive food and products, which were passed on to charitable organisations including Hope for You, the Kindness of Strangers Dungannon shop and the Vineyard Church in Dungannon.

Top GCSEPod users 2019-2020

Congratulations to our top GCSEPod users from the last academic year: Christine McLean, Rebecca Verner & Lemuel Mak. These students have been awarded the ‘Student Expert’ certificate for demonstrating outstanding usage of GCSEPod in Year 12 and embracing independent learning.

Prize Distribution 2020

Prizes awarded to pupils for 2019-2020 can now be viewed on our school website through the following link. Alternatively, this can be found on our school website in the section titled 'About RSD', 'Prize Day 2020'. Well done to all of our award recipients! Prize...

A Level results updated

Our Year 14 pupils who received top grades included: Anson Chan and Ryan Li were both awarded 4 A* grades, and Bebhinn Elliott-Murphy and Cherith Robinson were each awarded 3...

Prefects 2020-21

Congratulations to our Year 14 pupils who have been voted as Senior Prefects for 2020-21. Our Head Girl is Lydia Carson and Head Boy is Jamie Thompson. Our Deputy Head Girls are Grace...

Senior Prefects 2020-21

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been voted as Senior Prefects for 2020/21.

Join Sixth Form at RSD

The Royal School Dungannon invites applications from Year 12 pupils who will receive their GCSE results on Thursday to join the school's Sixth Form.  Please see details above and further information about the school is available at  We look...

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