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A talk from Logos Ministries International

It was a delight to welcome back past pupil Matthew Winning to RSD. As part of his work with LMI (Logos Ministries International). On 7th December, Matthew spoke to the Sixth Form pupils on the topics: Modern Day Persecution and Why does God Allow Suffering? The pupils found the sessions both informative and beneficial in their R.E. studies and would like to thank LMI for taking the time to share their knowledge and expertise with them.

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C S Lewis Trip

Year 14 Re class headed off to Union College, Belfast where we had a couple of lectures in a great hall by many esteemed men including Stuart Horner, Curtis White and Jerry Root. The first lecture was by a PhD student, Ryan Shelton entitled ‘The Devil in the Digital Details’. This was a fascinating talk about the warning of the future digital dystopian that could lead Christians away from their faith. He proposed that this concept of the AI apocalypse was expressed through Milton, Lewis and Kingsnorth which offered a thought provoking idea of technology

Then we had a tea break and continued with C.S. Lewis inaugural lecture: ‘A Sign of the Times’. In this we were given an insight into C. S. Lewis first lecture at his post in Cambridge which was entitled ‘Medieval and Renaissance’. There was belief that this time period was the largest ever growth in art, science and really everything. But Lewis argues against this with a couple points. 1. Antiquity and dark ages but the dark ages ‘weren’t that dark’ . 2. The dark ages to Middle Ages were large but not as large as the 20th century leap. 3. The middle ages and end of 17th century in which science barely leaped. 4. Finally, the most crucial division and biggest period of growth; the modern day; we live in a bigger renaissance now. Here is why – change in political order, arts, and religious shapes.

Lunch was served for us, which was fantastic and we got to take a look around the famous Gamble Library where the Parliament of N.I. was once held. Here we found many books written by the apostolic fathers we study, for example Tertullian and Hippolytus. We had one more lecture in Union College on ‘Irish Myths and Legends in the Work of C.S. Lewis’ by Dr David Clare. This showed a beautiful insight to how great a influence the wonderful country of Ireland truly had on Lewis as a young boy.

Then we travelled to Queen’s library in which our group got to view the actual letters of C. S. Lewis written to various people which was fascinating and almost surreal. This just shown how the famous scholar is also just a homely Irish man but also a genius!

Following a quick tour around C.S. Lewis Square, Year 13 joined us at Little Wing for pizza and we shared a lovely meal before heading off to our final destination.

Last stop was Stranmillis College, Belfast where we listened to the last two lectures by two incredible men – both experts on C.S. Lewis – Professor Jerry Root spoke on the people who influenced the genius work of C.S. Lewis and Revd Dr Malcom Quite spoke on those who have been influenced in their work by C.. S. Lewis.This ended a very clear insight to academia, religious writing and the life of C. S. Lewis!

Thanks to Ben Cooper for writing this report

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