Bebras Computing Challenge: UK and Ireland Finals

Andrew Mylroi-Lamont (Year 13), David Saygi (Year 14) and Andrew Graham (Year 14)

The Bebras Computing Challenge is an international competition organised by Oxford University and was sponsored this year by Google.  It aims to help spark an interest in computational thinking through the completion of a series of online puzzles.  This challenge runs in over 40 countries and participants have 40 minutes to tackle as many problems as they can of varying complexity, using a range of techniques that are associated with Computational Thinking.  RSD entered a small number of students in the ‘Elite’ age category for the first time earlier this year and we were delighted to find out that a number of our students achieved results in the top 25% of their age category (out of over 5,000 ‘Elite’ entries).

Each competitor received a certificate showing their results with the top 50% achieving a ‘Merit’ while the top 25% each received a certificate of ‘Distinction’.

Particular congratulations go to Andrew Mylroi-Lamont (Year 13), David Saygi (Year 14) and Andrew Graham (Year 14), pictured here with their certificates, who each achieved scores in the top 10% of their age category and as a result had the opportunity to compete in the TCS Oxford Computing Challenge in March.

Andrew Graham achieved the highest score from RSD in the initial competition and was awarded the ‘Best in School’ certificate.  Andrew Graham and David Saygi have also been invited to take part in the National Final of the Irish Bebras Competition, to be held in Co. Kildare, this weekend.

We would like to commend all of the boys on their exceptional efforts thus far and wish Andrew and David the best of luck for Saturday.

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