Celebrating success in A Level results

Congratulations to the Royal School Dungannon’s Sixth Form pupils who achieved excellent A Level results this summer, with an average UCAS points return per pupil equivalent to 1 A and 2 B grades.

Rachel Millar, Ben Nichol and Hayson Yung led the way with each returning 3 A* grades; while Ryan Wong scored 2 A* grades and 2 A grades. Ian Chow, Leah Doran and Joel Stewart all returned 2 A* grades plus 1 A grade and Andy Yu scored 1 A* grade plus 3 A grades. Laura Anderson, Andrew Graham, Adam Irwin and Jack Thompson each achieved 1 A* grade plus 2 A grades; with Carly Douglas and Rachel Johnston both scoring 1 A*, 1 A and 1 B grades.

Angel To returned 4 A grades and Brian Cheung scored 3 A grades, 1 B grade and 1 C grade. Jessica Hadden, Cameron Mullan, Rebecca Richardson and Grace Shrestha each scored3 A grades. In addition, six other pupils achieved 2 A grades and 1 B grade: Hannah McAteer, Matthew Scott,Rebecca Shaw, Jono Shrestha, Polly Swaile and Sophie Wilson.

Year 13 pupils received their AS Level results and there were some impressive performances here too with 12 pupils returning at least three A grades in their chosen subjects. Joyce Liu scored an amazing 6 A grades and Josh Frew and Joanna Lau each returned 4 A grades in their totals. Benson Chan, Kelly Chan, Rebecca Davis, Milan Dickie, Matthew Green, Jason Ho, Robyn Moore, Peter Mylroi Lamont and Laura Saunders all returned at least 3 A grades.

The Headmaster, Dr David Burnett, described the results as,

“A reflection of the hard work pupils have put in to their studies throughout their time at RSD. The pupils deserve a great deal of praise for the commitment and determination they have shown.”

Dr Burnett explained that the pupils’ high academic achievements were a reflection of the School’s broader ethos.

“One of the most interesting aspects is that the pupils who have scored so highly in their examinations have also contributed so much else to school life, in sports, music, drama and a host of other activities, often taking a lead role. They have had to organise their time and sort outproblemsalong the way. As individuals they have matured and, perhaps, been better equipped to handle the pressures of examinations.”

He also emphasised the role played by teachers and parents in supporting the pupils.

“The partnership between school and home is a key factor in allowing young people to thrive and learn. I would wish to pass on my thanks to all my teaching colleagues and to parents for the support they have given to pupils and my congratulations for the role they have played in the pupils’ success.”

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