RSD celebrates excellent GCSE results

The Royal School Dungannon’s Headmaster, Dr David Burnett, has described the examination grading process used this year as, “An enormous challenge and undertaking for all concerned. Our Year 12 – 14 pupils went through something similar last year and many had said that they hoped they would get the chance to sit their exams this year. That couldn’t happen of course but the grading system used this year did at least provide opportunities for pupils to show their qualities in the work they produced throughout the year and in class tests in April and May using exam board materials. We cannot praise the pupils highly enough for the way in which they responded to the disruption and the new grading process. They showed tremendous resilience and maturity, working through each step in the process with focus and determination, but they also kept a sense of perspective and a sense of humour as they supported one another and worked with their teachers.”

He continued, “The grading procedure placed a huge responsibility on teachers and I want to thank our staff for their professionalism and hard work throughout this process over many weeks. RSD teachers know their pupils really well and they spent a great deal of time looking at each pupil’s work. I also want to thank parents and family members who supported our pupils in so many ways, including of course the periods of remote learning when school was closed. It is interesting to hear the pupils talk about their experience and their acknowledgement that the support they received from staff in school and family and friends at home was crucial in their success. Ultimately, of course, the pupils have to do the work and provide the evidence base for the awarding of their grades and that is what they did so well. We are delighted that so many of our pupils have seen their hard work rewarded with top grades. They have earned their grades and they can be rightfully proud of their achievements. We are very proud of them and offer our congratulations.”

The Year 12 pupils who achieved top GCSE grades included:

Twenty pupils were awarded 10 A*/A grades. Siena Fenton led the way with 10 A* grades, closely followed by Rebekah Needham, Cassie Parr and Katelyn Wylie who all returned 9 A* grades plus 1 A grade. Robyn Archer, Grace Boyle and Annabel Davidson were each awarded 8 A* grades plus 2 A grades. Alfie Lewis, Charlotte Meyer, Sian Morris and Molly Reid were awarded 7 A* grades plus 3 A grades, and Lauren Gillespie was awarded 6 A* grades plus 4 A grades. Eve Talbot and Stephen Verner were awarded 5 A* and 5 A grades; and Maya Davidson, Lily Patterson and Eboney Reid achieved 4 A* grades plus 6 A grades. Arianne Ferran and Heidi Sit achieved 3 A* grades plus 7 A grades and Jessica Wylie returned 1 A* plus 9 A grades.

Nine pupils were awarded A*/A grades in at least 9 subjects. Rebecca Verner achieved 8 A* grades plus 1 A grade, and Beth Emerson and Emma Ferguson were awarded 7 A* and 2 A grades. Jasmine Brodison returned 6 A* grades plus 3 A grades; Chloe Acheson, Leah Black, Sarah Kelly and Vilius Slajus were all awarded 4 A* and 5 A grades; and Alex Talbot achieved 1 A* and 8 A grades.

Twelve pupils were awarded at least 8 A*/A grades in their total returns: Lemuel Mak; Sophia Bailie; Thea Devlin; Isaac Sloss; Harry Hayes; Lloyd Anderson; Carys Brodison; Harry Doak; Louisa Gilpin; Amy Hall; Katie Hall and Molly Watt.

A further eleven pupils were awarded at least 7 A*/A grades in their totals: Nathan Ewart; Joe Thompson; Abbie Hampton; Oscar Mak; Agnes Cheung; Jacob Clarke; Maisy Mae Williamson; Victoria Wray; Amy Hardy; Oliver McIlravie and Steven Scott.

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