Last week, three STEM ambassadors and Engineering representatives from RPS Engineering in Belfast were invited to talk to our Year 9 pupils in the light of the COP26 in Glasgow that started November.  They carried out some interactive activities in a ‘Learning Zone’ to enhance understanding and thinking of this very relevant topic. The learning zone incorporated a virtual city of the future, which pupils could navigate their way around; meeting virtual engineers, architects, water scientists amongst many others along the way.  They also assessed their own carbon footprint and realised that they have much to do to reduce this!  Year 9 were chosen to participate, as they have just finished leaning about global warming and acid rain in Science.  Pupils also heard about the career path to become an engineer and all about the many job opportunities in this sector at present. There was definitely much food for thought.

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Publicity Coordinator from 2016 to 2022. Passionate about both the school News Team and Art and Design, Mrs Best also teaches junior ICT, RE and LLW.

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