Yr 14 Biologists visit CAFRE: Greenmount Campus

Year 14 Biologists went on a field trip to Greenmount on Friday 27th January to look at dairy farming, horticulture and waste disposal among many other things.

Two of our Biology students have given their views on the recent trip:

“I felt that the field trip was very informative and interesting. Examples of environmental control methods were shown to us and how they were included into the grounds of the campus. It was also very good to see the farm management aspects of the campus and how they operate for milking of the different dairy herds.”

Callum Ferguson (Yr 14)

‘During the field trip, we were given a lot of information about Greenmount, their aims and goals in the future, through a presentation. Then we were brought to a greenhouse where they explained how they control the temperature, water availability and light intensity to grow plants in any season, and how they maximise the yield. It was fascinating and interesting to know how they combined technology and agriculture to manage the “weather” in the greenhouse.
We were then brought outside to study ecology based information. They also told us what they did to protect the environment and increase species richness. For example, they wouldn’t remove trees that fall but instead just leave it there and allow fungus or other species to grow within it, hence increasing biodiversity. In conclusion, I found the field trip really useful; especially for ecology aspects and also new information that I had never come in contact with. It was also a good opportunity to spend some quality time with my classmates.”

Geoffrey Cheng (Yr 14)

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