Anti-bullying Debate

Photographs above were taken during a Debating Society event held on Friday 24th November. Pupils debated the motion ‘this house believes that bullying is a bigger issue now than ever before’. There was great discussion on the impact of cyber bullying in today’s society due to social media and the impact of this on mental health among many other things.

The motion was defeated by a narrow margin, due to convincing arguments from the opposition; pupils were of the opinion that there is much more help available today (both inside and outside of school) to help deal with the issue. The proposition did raise some shocking facts regarding statistics on cyber bullying and its impact.

Lots of questions from the floor made for a very interesting lunch time and well thought through arguments on both sides.

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Publicity Coordinator from 2016 to 2022. Passionate about both the school News Team and Art and Design, Mrs Best also teaches junior ICT, RE and LLW.

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