Celebrating Success | Louisa Gilpin

Many congratulations to our AS Geographer, Louisa Gilpin (Year 13) who has won a prize of £100 Amazon vouchers in QUB’s Planning ‘Placehack’ competition.

This competition was run by the School of Natural and Built Environment at QUB. Louisa, being a talented A-Level Geographer and artist, used both of these skills in her entry for this competition. The competition involved ‘hacking your place’. Over the past two years, we have all become more closely acquainted with the area in which we live, thanks to lockdown restrictions. We are now more aware than ever of some of the problems or issues where we live. Contrastingly, lockdown made some of us live better: less traffic and pollution, a better sense of community and a better balance to working patterns. This competition required Louisa to imagine a better, happier and healthier place to live and picture a ‘new normal’, essentially requiring her to become a planner for her neighbourhood!

Entries involved producing a map of her improvements, e.g. where people should be able to cycle and walk more easily to get to where they want to go, as well as a written document suggesting her improvements, e.g. where more local shops are needed, or wider footpaths, or how to use empty shops units, or where to place a playpark etc.

Well done Louisa on your success, from the Geography Department and the whole RSD community!

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