Shine 2013

RSD pupils Emma Hobson (Year 13) and Alana McMullan (Year 12) work together on a group task with pupils from The Royal School Armagh

On Friday 8 November, Senior SU held their annual Shine event, this year with the theme of the BAFTAS (Bring A Friend To An SU).  It was sure to be a success with the promise of an ice cream factory provided by the teachers. It was brilliant to see the response from other schools in the area who had been invited and, as result, approximately 200 attended. It was an afternoon of crazy, and sometimes messy, games and a short epilogue was given by Steven Halliday from Crown Jesus Ministries. Great fun was had by all who attended and a big ‘thank you’ must go to the SU staff and committee for the time and effort which went in to organising this event.

Kayleigh Boyle, Year 14

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