Shooting stars in Scotland

During September the RSD team of eight shooters went on tour to Scotland. After a long journey to Banff on the 24th, they played their first match. Despite being unfamiliar with the rules of the match, they won comfortably.

The next morning they had the opportunity to play tourists and took some spectacular photographs of the Scottish countryside before going on to Huntly for their second match, which they also won, with an amazing average of 94 each.

After the main match there was a novelty shoot for which there were two winners: two from RSD and one from Huntly R.C, with the Huntly shooter taking the individual prize from RSD by only one point.

The team thoroughly enjoyed their trip and have been invited back to both clubs. In fact, Sheena Sharp, the secretary of Huntly R.C, former UK number 1 and current manager of the Scottish under-21 team, was so impressed by our team that she is now considering bringing that team over to Northern Ireland!

All in all, a very successful trip – the dedication is obviously paying off. Very well done to everyone on the team!

Emily Garvin

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