SU Weekend 2024

This past weekend saw 40 Senior SU members heading to the Cleenish Centre, Enniskillen along with an array of RSD staff including our Dilworth tutor Harrison who was drafted into policing the boy’s quarters at night – and gave us some great games to play too!
The journey to our home for the next two nights was one you would want to be on; the constant chuckling and the belting of music with some questionable singing set the tone of what would be a memorable weekend.
After an hour and a half journey we had arrived to the welcoming and open arms of the centre’s staff who had their work cut out for them, feeding an army with their delicious food – I did make sure to get seconds each meal! We were fortunate to have a spacious common room which served as our place to play games, enjoy the talks from our wonderful speaker Matthew Winning, helping us to break down the book of Ephesians and praise the Lord with worship by many talented musicians. Our icebreakers, led by Harry Wylie and Daniel Sloss helped integrate the group and bring us closer together, and were filled with plenty of laughter, competitiveness and excitement.
Waking up to the chirping of birds outside your room, a beaming sunrise shining through the window and the glistening of Lough Erne reminded us of the beautiful features of creation. Once we had wiped the tiredness from our faces (students and teachers alike), the group embarked on a full day of fellowship and frantic running around Enniskillen. Following another intriguing talk from Matthew and prayer activities by Mrs Troughton we were given the annual SU weekend task by Mr Drennan, what could it be this year? It turned out to be an alphabet ‘photo challenge’, this was more demanding than it sounds! Once we had been left to our devices to the energised streets of Enniskillen, many pupils endeavoured on a mission to complete the challenge with some going to great lengths such as getting their ears pierced! This gave us the unique opportunity to engage with friendly people willing to give us a helping hand to go for victory or to get a well earned shopping trip after the demanding January exams. After returning back to the centre, Matthew spoke to us for what would be the final time and we were surprised by the announcement that a crackling campfire was waiting for us to gather around and keep warm on a chilly evening underneath the twinkling stars. Worship was led by Mr McDowell on the guitar, filled with joyous singing and dancing to different actions along with toasting some delicious s’mores. To end the busy day, Harrison had directed some more time of games, including the ‘Chubby Bunny’ challenge (which I took part in and looked a state) along with making a Bible character out of newspaper – none of them looked remotely similar!
As is an SU weekend tradition, on a Sunday morning we create our own church service and this year did not disappoint. Singing, thoughts and Bible readings helped nail down how blessed as an SU community we are to have this talent and opportunity. Worship again led by Mr McDowell and Miss McCombe on the guitars overlooking the Lough, gave us a final opportunity to praise God together with calming scenery surrounding us. A final pack up and Sunday lunch brought us to the time to return home on the bus ride with singing and sleeping after what had been an incredible weekend.
I want to thank all the teachers who came to help supervise and lead our sessions, especially the ever-enthusiastic and integral part of senior SU Mrs Jackson. To all my fellow committee members and those who came along with us, thank you for organising another successful weekend of fun and fellowship which will be sure to remain with me for a long time. Finally, thank you to the staff at the Cleenish Centre who went above and beyond to fulfil our needs and providing us with the wonderful facilities this weekend.

Thanks to Jonathan McKenzie for this report.

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