Year 11 Young Enterprise Challenge

Two teams of four Year 11 pupils represented RSD at the Young Enterprise Challenge event held at South West College on Tuesday 14th November.  Their challenge was to come up with an innovative lunch box designed primarily for school children.  They had to make a prototype, design a marketing poster and make a pitch to the judging panel.  One team came up with an idea they called ‘Flap Attack’ which was a lunch box with a magnetic flap that also served as a snack tray instead of a zip.  The other team named their idea ‘Lunch Well’ as their circular lunch container had coloured containers based on the Eat Well guide to ensure lunch contents fulfilled the recommended guidelines of fruit, protein, dairy, etc.  Both teams had a great opportunity on the day to test their communication, team work and entrepreneurial skills and the judging panel gave positive feedback on each idea.

Team: Flap Attack

Zara Chambers
Toni Montgomery
Jessica Jardine
Rebecca McCaul

Team: Lunch Well

Josh Graham
Toby Lau
Dylan Lewis
Jordan Moore


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Publicity Coordinator from 2016 to 2022. Passionate about both the school News Team and Art and Design, Mrs Best also teaches junior ICT, RE and LLW.

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