Year 8 Geography Fieldtrip

Report on Year 8 Geography Fieldtrip by Robyn Archer, Sienna Fenton and Jessica Wylie 8Q

On Thursday 18th and Friday 19th May all of Year 8 went to Belfast.  We went to see how land use in the Inner City area of Laganside had changed over the years.  We have been studying the growth and characteristics of Belfast in our Geography lessons.

We started off at the Gasworks and walked along the river until we reached the Titanic Centre.  In between, we went to the Waterfront Hall and the Odyssey.  At each location, we learned what the area had been used for in the past and we undertook some data collection to establish what each area was being used for now, i.e. we did a land use survey.

It was interesting to see that many of the new buildings still had a nautical theme from the days of the shipyard building ships; many of the buildings had funnel-shaped chimneys and porthole windows.  A highlight of the trip was stopping at Pizza Hut for lunch!  Unlucky for us, it poured with rain when we stopped at the Titanic Centre, so this bit was cut short as we ran out of the rain and sheltered in the building.  We really enjoyed our day out.

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