Year 11&12 CSI Dungannon

On Tuesday 28th February, pupils studying Chemistry and Biology in Years 11 and 12 participated in a Crime Scene Investigation workshop in the Lower Campus. Pupils had a chance to solve their own murder mystery whilst learning about the stages involved in doing so.

The day was highly informative and students were able to gain a real insight into the CSI line of work through interactive tasks. Each task pieced together to solve a real-life crime case, giving pupils the opportunity to dip into the world of a detective or police officer to help them see if that’s what they wish to do as a career.

“The activity was based on a real life murder case, which occurred many years ago in Australia. Pupils had to find and examine replicas of evidence found at the scene of the crime, which were set up in stations for the pupils to tour around. Pupils then tried and come to a conclusion about how the murder took place and who was the killer. It was a very interesting and different experience for the pupils involved; everyone really enjoyed it!”

Katrina Cairns, Year 12

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