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HoD: Mrs P McMullan

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Health & Social Care A Level (CCEA Modular)

From September 2018 AS and A Level Health & Social Care will be available through the Food Technology Department. This is an exciting and valuable course which will prepare pupils for careers in the caring professions such as nursing, midwifery, child care, special needs and social work to name a few.

The 2-year course offers pupils the opportunity to see for themselves how policies and procedures work together in care settings such as local pre-school day care centres, nursery schools, P1-3 in primary schools, special needs school, residential homes for the elderly and disabled, to ensure users receive the best standard of care possible.

These activities will be achieved through visits to such care settings, timetabled work experience for 1-2 hours each week, volunteering work experience in pupils’ own time and information/question and answer sessions with health care professionals (e.g. nurses and care home managers who will be invited into H&SC classes).

In addition, there will be opportunities for pupils to work together in small groups to interact with members of staff or residents in a care home or young pupils in preschool or early years settings, in supervised and observed sessions to enable them to develop and earn credit for their communication portfolio.

Course Structure The course is equally weighted between coursework and examination.


AS 1:  Promoting Quality Care (Internal assessment)

AS 2:  Communication in Health, Social Care and Early Years Settings (Internal assessment)

In both units, pupils produce a written report based on practice in a health, social care or early years setting that they have experienced. Teachers mark the tasks and CCEA moderate the results. Each unit is worth 25% of AS and 10% of A Level.

AS 3:  Health and Well-Being (External written examination – 2 hours)

Pupils answer three compulsory questions. This unit is worth 50% of AS and 20% of A Level.

Pupils study two of the four internally assessed modules from the list below along with the compulsory A2 3 module.

Two from four of the following modules:

A2 1:  Applied Research (Internal assessment) – Pupils produce a research report on a health and social care or early years topic of their own choosing.

A2 2:  Body Systems and Physiological Disorders (Internal assessment) – Pupils carry out a practical investigation of the physiological status of individuals and research the diagnosis and treatment of a disorder.

A2 4: Health Promotion (Internal assessment) – Pupils produce a report on health improvement priorities in Northern Ireland, undertake a health promotion activity and report their findings.

A2 5:  Supporting the Family (Internal assessment) – Pupils produce a review of changes to family structure, a case study and a report on services for families experiencing issues.

In each unit, pupils produce a written report based on their studies. Teachers mark the tasks and CCEA moderate the results. Each unit is worth 15% of A Level.

A2 3:  Providing Services (Compulsory)
External written examination based on pre-release material. Pupils answer three compulsory questions (2 hours). This unit is worth 30% of A Level.

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