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Religious Education Department

HoD: Mrs A Prescott

Subjects Offered

Religeous Studies GCSE
Religious Studies A Level (CCEA Modular)

The RE curriculum is based on the Core Curriculum which has been agreed by the four main Christian Churches in Northern Ireland.

Religious Education provides many opportunities for pupils to explore a range of topics and develop their personal understanding and enhance their spiritual and ethical awareness.


In Year 8 we start by looking at God and the Bible before moving on to the life of Jesus in Year 9. Year 10 examines the early church and the church through the ages. Key Stage 3 pupils also have the opportunity to look at world religions.

In addition, Year 8 pupils write songs and focus on creativity and Year 9 complete a cross-curricular task focused upon enhancing their communication skills.  Year 10 consider the challenge of poverty and run a fair trade project.

In Years 11 and 12 all pupils study RE either as a 1 period per week non-examination class or as a GCSE subject. Two options are available at this level as pupils can either study for the CCEA Short Course GCSE or the CCEA Full Course GCSE qualification.

Short Course pupils study only Paper 6 Ethics and sit one 90-minute examination at the end of Year 12. Full Course candidates study both Paper 6 Ethics and Paper 3 The Revelation of God and the Christian Church and sit two 90-minute examinations at the end of Year 12.

In Sixth Form all pupils study RE either as a 1 period per week non-examination class or as a CCEA AS/A2 subject choice.

AS pupils study two different papers, AS2 An Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles and AS4 The Origins and Development of the Early Christian Church. Assessment at the end of Year 13 is by an 80-minute examination in each paper.

At A2 level pupils also study two papers. A22 deals with Themes in Selected Letters of Saint Paul and the A24 paper is Themes in the Early Church and Church Today. Assessment at the end of Year 14 is by a 120-minute examination in each paper.

Throughout all of the Key Stage pupils will have the opportunity to have talks from a variety of visiting speakers. In addition, GCSE pupils undertake a walking trail to examine the architecture of local churches and AS/A2 pupils have the opportunity to go on a study tour to Rome.

Religious Education News Articles

Trip to the Stranmillis Panto

At the beginning of December, the R.E sixth form pupils (along with a few friends) headed down to Stranmillis College, Belfast

Stranmillis Panto RE trip

RE Sixth Form pupils were delighted to attend the Stranmillis Panto recently.

Sixth Form RE pupils attend CS Lewis Lecture

Sixth Form RE pupils attended a lecture entitled “CS Lewis and the Imagination” in the campus of Stranmillis University College, Belfast. The esteemed CS Lewis scholar Dr Jerry Root from Wheaton College, USA, gave an engaging and informative lecture on CS Lewis to a packed lecture theatre.

‘Mystery of the Christmas Star’ Year 12 Physics and RE Trip

On Thursday 14th December, a joint Physics and RE event, ‘Mystery of The Christmas Star’ was held for pupils in Year 12 in conjunction with the Armagh Planetarium.

Peruvian Visitors at RSD

Pastor Elisario Vargus who is President of the Baptist Association of Churches in Southern Peru along with his wife Esther who is Vice Principal of a school in Tacha, visited RSD on Monday 22nd May 2017.

QUB Lectures day for A Level RE students

On 15th of March both Sixth Form RE classes (accompanied by Mrs Matthews, Mr Graham and Mrs McClatchey) had the opportunity to spend a day at Queens University Belfast.

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