Mathematics Department

HoD: Mr G Black

Subjects Offered

Mathematics GCSE
Mathematics A Level (CCEA Modular)

Further Mathematics GCSE
Further Mathematics AS Level (CCEA Modular)

Mathematics is fundamental to life in the sense that its unique language and forms of notation help us to calculate, estimate and problem-solve. It also informs many of the choices and decisions we make about real-life issues and challenges and the actions that we subsequently take.

Through engagement with issues which have current and future relevance to young people, teachers can help pupils to see the relevance of mathematics and financial capability to real life.



In Years 8 – 10 we follow the NI curriculum. In Y8 we build on the pupils’ foundation of knowledge that they have gained in primary school and begin to introduce them to new concepts and ideas in the key areas of mathematics, namely number & algebra, shape, space & measures and handling data.

In Y9 we continue to build on the ideas that were started in Y8 and encourage our pupils to develop logical thinking and an analytical mind. All Y9 pupils take part in the Junior Mathematical Challenge, a national competition designed to stretch their mathematical thinking.

In Y10 we begin to look to the future, introducing some topics that will be further enhanced at GCSE. Throughout KS3 we encourage our pupils to see how their maths is being used in other subjects and in the real world and to develop their own problem-solving and thinking skills.

We sit CCEA examinations for GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Further Mathematics.

In Y11 approximately half of the year group will cover the GCSE Mathematics course in that one year and take the examination at the end of that year, sitting modules M4 and M8. The remaining pupils will cover the GCSE Mathematics course over two years, sitting a combination of modules tailored to their mathematical ability from M2, M3, M4, M6, M7 and M8.

In Y12 those that have already completed their GCSE Mathematics progress to the GCSE Further Mathematics course covering the areas of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. This is excellent preparation if they want to go and study Mathematics at A Level. The remaining pupils continue with their preparation for their specific modules at GCSE.

We sit CCEA examinations for AS, A2 and Further Mathematics. We have an extremely healthy interest in mathematics at A Level, with two classes for AS in Y13, two classes for A2 in Y14 and one class for AS Further in Y14.

The AS covers the topics of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics and these are then further developed in A2.

The AS Further Mathematics allows for some choice, with the pupils studying Pure Mathematics and either all Mechanics or a combination of Mechanics and Statistics. This class is designed for those pupils who intend to take their mathematics further at university and tends therefore to be smaller in size.

Other Subjects

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