We welcome you to watch Dr Burnett and Mr Clingan present our Spring Honours 2020 awards on our Royal Dungannon YouTube channel, following the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdQCtit8wxo .

Royal School Dungannon

Honours List – Spring 2020


Major Honours
Catherine A Boyd 14
Matthew RH McNeill 12
Honourable Mention
Tamas A Hajdu 12
Chloe L McCaughey 12
Public Speaking
Honourable Mention    
Luci F Wallace 12  
Major Honours
Emily M Hayes 14 Redate
Suet Man Jenny Liu 14 Redate
Hoi Ting Ellie To 14 Redate
Ellie J Curry 13
Grace A Ferguson 13
Alice A Hayes 13
Chloe M Kelly 14
Cherith PJ Robinson 14
Minor Honours
Jasmine EI Ashfield 14 Redate
Alex Z Chambers 14 Redate
Anna ME Gamble 14 Redate
Rachael S Hall 14 Redate
Katie A Archer 13
Erioluwa A Alabi 13
Lydia C Carson 13
Emily Condy 14
Rebecca Hicks 13
Wai Ching Ryan Law 13
Grace L Morrow 13
Joshua L Needham 13
Honourable Mention
Rebekah K Needham 11
Major Honours
Emma O Givan 14 Redate
Ellie Greenaway 13 Redate
Sophie A Khan 13 Redate
Mia McCammon 13 Redate
Mia Proctor 14 Redate
Sarah Shrestha 13 Redate
Zara E Boyd 13
Chloe R Davison 14
Grace A Ferguson 13
Jessica L McClung 12
Hannah J Sloss 13
Minor Honours
Lydia J Reid 14 Redate
Ruth H Wilson 14 Redate
Louise O Boyd 14
Emily D Ewart 13
Chloe R Hadden 13
Honourable Mention
Lauren AE Gillespie 11
Abbie A Hampton 11
Molly Watt 11
Major Honours
Peter RJ Busby 14 Redate
Joshua S Clarke 14 Redate
Charlie T Conroy 14 Redate
Jack A Girvan 14 Redate
Adam P Junk 14 Redate
Adam H McFarland 14 Redate
Logan T McIlravie 14 Redate
Jonathan R McCammond 14 Redate
Jamie RB Allen 12
Thomas JW Burns 14
Jacob MJ Clarke 12
James RA Girvan 12
Justin Lam 14
Craig WI Saunders 12
Michael D Tate 12
Minor Honours
Joshua A Clarke 14 Redate
Ben P Kelly 13  
Robin B Kirk 13
Matt B Lapington 13
Adam G McNally 13
Adam W Marshall 13
Joshua D Pinkerton 13
Honourable Mention
Ben W Connelly 12
Ryan P Evans 12
Alex M Kennedy 12


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