Support for our Lego-Based Therapy

Mrs Estelle Patterson of the PFTA presents a gift of Lego to James Graham (ALC), Gillian Graham and Judith McMullan (facilitators).  The Lego is part of a new initiative called “Lego-Based Therapy” which supports pupils with social and communication, behavioural, and anxiety issues.  LBT is a recognised intervention strategy designed to improve pupils’ ability to work together, build communication skills, and develop self-confidence.

In LBT sessions, children work in groups of 3 and take the roles of ‘builder’, ‘engineer’, and ‘supplier’. Each role has clearly defined rules to ensure the group works as a team and communicates with each other to build the Lego model.  It builds many different skills including communication skills, joint attention, team working skills, problem solving skills, and conflict resolution skills.  There is a growing evidence base to show the programme helps improve the social communication skills among children with ASD, those with other social communication difficulties, and those who may have issues with anxiety or low self-confidence.

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