Year 10 make a difference in Geography with Christian Aid

From September through to November, Year 10 had been studying Poverty and Development. We finished the unit of work by looking at the role of aid in raising development around the world. Many of us were keen to put our learning into some practical help and so donated money for ‘Present Aid’, a branch of Christian Aid. An amazing £223 was raised!

Below is a quote and some further information from Miss Montgomery, Head of Geography at RSD:

“Many thanks to Year 10 for their exceptional generosity. This has allowed them to purchase the following items:

  • Sending a child in rural Bangladesh to school and pay for their education for a whole year. In Bangladesh Christian Aid has set up primary schools in remote areas, trained staff and produced textbooks in local languages. Schools like these have been a great success and many children have been able to go on to high school to continue their education. We have been able to send one more child to these schools.
  • 4 kid goats – Christian Aid is helping poor families in rural Malawi lift themselves out of poverty by giving them pregnant goats. The goats provide milk to drink and manure to use as fertiliser. But more importantly, when the goat has kids, they’re passed on to people’s neighbours, so that others can benefit too.
  • 4 sets of antibiotics to provide desperately needed treatment at mobile clinics in Palestine. Restrictions on movement in the occupied Palestinian territory mean children often can’t see a doctor when they need to. This gift gives much needed medicine to children, like 7-year-old Mohammed who was suffering from suspected pneumonia. Christian Aid’s partner provides a mobile clinic equipped with specialist doctors and medical supplies. These clinics, run by Israeli and Palestinian volunteers, bring life-saving antibiotics for children and provide free treatment.
  • Provision of a nutritious food supplement and de-worming medicine to 4 malnourished children. In the rural Columbian community of Las Pavas, nearly two-thirds of children are malnourished. Five-year-old Marcia suffered with intestinal worms and was malnourished – her growth was stunted and she was so weak. This gift enables Christian Aid partners to help children like Marcia rebuild their strength by providing them with medicine and a tub of nutritious food supplement to bolster their recovery.
  • 20 mosquito nets to protect young children from being bitten by deadly mosquitoes. Every year there are more than 200 million recorded cases of malaria worldwide. A simple mosquito net and some malaria prevention advice from the volunteer who delivers it saves lives in countries like Nigeria.

All of these items will make such a difference to the people involved. Thanks to Year 10 and their generosity, they have made life a little easier for many people in other parts of the world. Well done!”

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